Thing I Can't Resist

A southern man. Seriously when they call me Miss Annie it kills me every-single-time.

Large sandwiches

ANY kind of Chicken Salad. Seriously.

Big earrings, seriously, like the kind white girls shouldn't wear.


Downton Abbey, My friends all love Bates but I am a Matthew girl myself.

Chickens... I am going to be a crazy chicken lady some day.
But I already mentioned that.

Babies with chubby cheeks and brown eyes.

The Boys of Fall (College football) AND the song by Kenny Chesney. I have it on repeat in my office all afternoon.

Really any song by Eric Church, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban. My boys.... I know they like being my duet partners in my car, and kitchen. I think they do.

Gus... You know from Psych. Is it really not returning until February?

Johnnie from Taste of India in Bountiful  We are besties with him now and when we come in, he treats us to all kinds of goodies, sits at the table with us, and chats about my dating life and India. So mostly India...

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