A Scary Story

I had just dropped Dave off, it was very late and as I pulled into my driveway I thought "I haven't checked the mail in a few days." So I walked out to the mail box. As I walked back a little stone hit me in the leg. I thought I must have kicked it with my other foot or something. Then a bigger rock hit me in the leg and I thought, probably some neighborhood kids trying to scare people. No big deal. I live in Bountiful, bad things don't happen here.

So I casually, enjoying the crisp fall night, walked back to my apartment. I got to the door not expecting it to be locked. For some reason this time I really struggled with the lock. I stood there fiddling with it trying to figure out why the key wouldn't fit in the lock.

In my frustration I turned my head and saw a large man just standing just behind me. I didn't stop long enough to look again or very well at all. My key instantly slid into the lock and I slipped into the house and bolted the door. Dave told me to call the police. "At least have someone drive by and look around." But I didn't want to because I was worried that maybe there hadn't been anyone there and my imagination was just running away with me. You know another flashlight man.... Then I told my roommate because she was due home any second to at least have her boyfriend bring her home. When he did bring her home he looked around. There was solid evidence that someone had been camped out in the trees by my mailbox.

Dave told me again, to call the police.

I did not call the police.

Dave said "Please call the police."

I did not call the police.

A few nights later I pulled into my driveway late at night again and got out of my car, once again enjoying the brisk fall evening. Then I heard "Run."

So I ran into the house and bolted the door.

And told Dave...

"Call the Police."

I did not call the police.

"Call the Police. They can drive by a few times tonight just to check the house."

I never saw anything though. What am I suppose to say when I call?
"Ummm hi, I was walking into my house tonight and felt kind of creeped out?"
Not happening.

"Call the police."

I did not call the police.



  1. Reese, you need to call the police, and make sure you aren't coming home the same time every night. This isn't something to shrug off because you are afraid of looking dumb...I would rather that you look dumb, than dead, bruised, or abused...just saying.

  2. call the police

    Yours truly DC