I used to have this roommate in college who would FLIP out if the cashier bagged anything on top of, or really in the same bag at all, as her tortillas. She said that if you put anything on them it smashes them and they aren't as good and they might stick together. Because obviously when they were shipped with like a thousand other tortillas stacked on top of them, that probably wouldn't smash them at all.

I never understood why people get upset about the bagging procedure. I mean     it just didn't seem like a big deal. I typically shop at Winco where you bag your own groceries or Smith's and use the self check out. So I haven't had a cashier bag my groceries in a very long time.

Yesterday I was at my favorite cheaper than dirt grocery store, and I was watching the cashier bag my groceries with bewilderment. So befuddled was I, that I stopped on my way to the car and rearranged things. I mean I couldn't handle the way things had been bagged.

leeks, cilantro, chocolate bars.

canned beans, bread, sour cream.

Frozen Potstickers, asparagus, canned tomatoes.

Spaghetti sauce, eggs, red vines.

Jalapenos, floss, frozen chicken.

Does that seem weird to anyone else? Despite the fact that I actually bought candy? It is for the movies and the road trip I am participating in this weekend. And you would buy a lot of chocolate too if you found Kinder bars for a dollar. Oh-My-Goodness! Kinder Bueno bars are my FAVORITE!! I couldn't just let them be smothered by leeks!

I am just saying....


  1. lindsay buchanOctober 19, 2012

    Not surprisingly I'm a freak about grocery bagging as well. My trick is to load up the conveyer belt the way I wanted them bagged. Works every time.

  2. This makes me smile. Especially the tortilla thing.

    I don't really mind that much about how my stuff is bagged UNLESS my bread gets squashed, then I blow a gasket. But for the most part, I load everything onto the conveyor belt according to type (because really, I'm a little OCD) so it generally gets bagged the way I put it up there. :)

    What actually does infuriate me is when I forget my reusable bags and the bagger uses about 20 grocery bags to bag my stuff. OR on the converse, when I DO bring my reusable bags and the bagger either A - fills the bags so full that the seams almost split, or B - doesn't fill the bags to even half capacity and I still go home with 10 plastic grocery bags.

    I guess I am picky.... :)