Chickens and Other Poultry

I hate birds. I am scared of them. I think they are diseased. This may stem from there being an abandoned pigeon house on the property my parents owned growing up. While Katy and I were adventuring we would frequently run in there to hide from monsters. There were old bird skeletons and crusty wings.... yuck, yuck, yuck.  

Except that I LOVE chickens!!! (That felt like a 3! statement) Really any kind of poultry. Ducks, geese, etc. There was a chicken in our yard the other day and I caught it and held it and squeezed it and made Leah pet her too. Se was so sweet and soft! I hope she wanders into our yard again soon! 

Have I ever mentioned before that growing up we had pet geese named Mulder and Scully? Well we did and I loved them too! Katy and I used to set a very tricky trap for them.. Wait til you hear how clever we were... We took this old piece of scrap metal and covered it in mud. Really thick mud, then we covered that with a bunch of sticks and leaves and things. Then we put the piece of metal on top of a rock in the creek. The idea was the geese would try to cross the creek by walking across the rocks and when they got to our disguised piece of metal they would step on it and it would slide off the rock and the geese would fall into the creek! Ha! Even if it had worked, for some odd reason, the result would simply be geese in water. Oh no! Poor geese! How naughty we were! 

Oh and we had a turkey named Barney that Katy and I used to ride around the yard until he became thanksgiving dinner, or at least half of him did. He was too big to fit in the oven whole, so my parents cut him in half!

Today there was a decapitated bird in our parking lot at work and the warehouse manager went and scooped it up and I could barely function in my office for like 20 minutes because I was just thinking about a bird. Sick... Sick... Sick...

Did I mention I love chickens? Because I do!

Like a lot! I can be the crazy chicken lady! Because believe me those exist!

I just laughed out loud when I remembered how my mom was president of the local chicken club! Oh how I realize more and more just how much like that woman I am!

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