Dear 12 Year Old Me,

Just a quick note.

You are going to like this picture.
I told you that you would. You are free to print it and put it in your locker. The one outside of Mrs. Bunden's room, so you can see it every morning. Maybe put it in the locker by the English room too so you can see it before you go home at night.(Kristen will like it I promise, put it next to the picture of "Peter.")

Your crush ages really well. But he gets married. Yeah not to you. Sorry to break it to you. He marries a soap star. Go tell mom how sad it makes you. Seriously, go tell her right now. If she laughs at you, that is fine. You are really going to miss that someday.

When mom tells you she will buy you the new Bryan White CD if you help her clean the garage, know that the treasure you receive will be time spent with mom, seriously enjoy EVERY moment of it. The CD will not be his best anyway. In fact it is his last for a long time and you won't really like it that much. I think you might even give it to Katy eventually.

You are going to tell your friends you are going to a Bryan White concert. Not because you are really planning on going, but because you want them to think you are cool. Well to be honest they don't really care anyway. But guess what? Mom is planning a surprise to really take you to a Bryan White concert at a fair in Pennsylvania. And she will hear you talking to you friends and think you know about the surprise. So keep your mouth shut. Ugh! Stop trying so hard to be cool. People love you just as you are. Seriously they do.

When you are heading off to the concert and dad stops to get cash and blows a tire. Be kind and patient while they get it repaired. You still get to go and you don't miss the concert. Dad will leave the concert to get you cash so you can buy a concert t-shirt. Tell him thanks. Be grateful for the memory and treasure it. You are going to miss him too.

Today I found this picture on Bryan's Facebook page.
I know your heart is racing right now and you are thinking "Is he LDS? Oh my goodness I have a chance." Umm he isn't and you don't. But there will be a lot of good men in your life in the future. Stop crushing on Dave, Bryan, Gommie, Texas, and the cowboy. Seriously. STOP RIGHT NOW.

Okay here is one more picture.
That is Bryan with your future crush. Your future celebrity crush is running for Vice President and we think he is sexy. When we see this picture today we are VERY happy and so many memories came flooding back. If you could try to hold onto more of those memories for me that would be great.


P.S. Be careful with mom's van when you are driving it through the pasture, back by the trees. It doesn't fit between the trees and the fence post. I promise it doesn't.

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