My Phone

Last night I was leaving this party and walking back to my car. It was late, between midnight and 1 sometime. Well I look down at my phone and realize it's calling someone. I don't know who it's calling so I panic. I keep trying to hit hang up and it isn't working and I'm saying "NO, NO, NO" really loud. Then I hear someone saying "hello? Hello?" Finally it hangs up but not before I hear someone say something about butt dialing.

So who did I call? I checked, it wasn't a number in my phone. So I checked the ward directory that I had out to find the address for the party. I checked every number on the page. It wasn't one of those numbers. Then I tried the internet on my phone, maybe Dave was looking something up and I accidently hit the number. Nope, he left it on a page with no phone numbers. So I still have no idea who I called last night in the middle of the night just to yell "NO, NO, NO" and then hang up.

If it was you I'm Sorry. Seriously.

Then tonight I was on Facebook on my phone. I kept hitting the back button until it said "friendship requested" well what the heck? I didn't request a friendship. I didn't even know this person who was also named Annie. So again I'm sitting there yelling at my phone like a crazy person "NO, NO, NO!"

Seriously, phone. Stop trying to make me become social with people I don't know.  

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