My Hostess Remembrance

I am a little bit spoiled. I confessed that to Dave the other night. Or at least I WAS a little spoiled as a child which I will demonstrate with my Hostess remembrance in honor of their demise. But don't worry I saw pink snowballs at a truck stop in Wyoming. Apparently Hostess isn't the only one who knows how to cover marshmallows in chocolate cake and cover that in pink shredded paper that resembles coconut.

When I was a small child, younger than five, My mom worked Thursday nights cutting hair at a senior center. Or something like that. Anyway, that was our date night with dad and it usually included a trip to the park and a trip to the Hostess thrift store. One time I found strawberry Twinkies and I was very excited to eat them, but for some reason they were left at home on the counter. When I finally arrived home to consume my culinary treasure my uncle was there, and he had eaten them. I hated him from that moment on. Seriously I hated him, and I was scared of him, and I referred to him as that man who ate my Twinkies. Moral of the story, don't come between me and my food.

Okay but I just had another hostess memory. Get excited. My dad took my grandma (mom's mom) grocery shopping one day a few years ago. Neither of my grandparents drove anymore and they relied on others to have food other than meals on wheels in the house. At the check out my grandma plead with my dad to get her a box of ding dongs "Oh I just love them so much Steve and when I come with Mick he never lets me get any." He caved and got her a box. When they were home and he was helping her unpack the groceries he watched her sneak three boxes downstairs.

When she passed they had two freezers in the basement. One had normal things... freezer jam, pork chops, cardboard pizzas. One had nothing but Ding Dongs. I am not making this stuff up. She was prepared for the demise of Hostess. Each of the heirs was given a couple of paper bags with things they had hoarded dived up evenly among each heir. Each heir received a bag of match books, string, paper towels, Windex, and 5 boxes of ding dongs. Mine were from 1991. I tossed them. Maybe I should have kept them to remember her by though. I thought that there would always be more available, how wrong I was.

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