Key Players

Saturday night a couple of my good friends, and crushes, mentioned to me that they still religiously follow my blog, but it is hard sometimes because they do not know any of the people I mention.

So for their benefit...

The Key Players:
(Not to be confused, necessarily, with key life players)

She is my roommate. She is the sweetest girl ever. She is laid back and funny. Sometimes she can be a little inappropriate. But always in the right amounts, not like me. She is engaged to...

Or Jay Paul as his voicemail states. He has the craziest laugh you have ever heard and he laughs at everything. Unless something is really funny and then he says "That's funny" accompanied by a big deep sigh. He loves pizza and Leah. His best friend is...

We disagree about EVERYTHING except the gospel. We voted for different people. He has an iphone, and myself a droid. He likes Wheat Chex and I like Rice Chex. We HATE each others music. We do, however, agree on how much we both love to go to Moochies for a cheesesteak, and that we don't want to fall in love with each other. He wears his BYU hoodie as a "chastity shield." He knows I will never touch a man wearing that.

I met in my ward. She is a horrible jerk. I love that about her. Dave says she has a heart of gold, and he is right but she is very picky about who she lets see her true nature.

I asked him the other day where he came from. I don't remember meeting him, and I don't know why he is still around, but I count my blessing that he is. Heavenly Father knew I needed him. He has been around for awhile and I just recently admitted to myself that he just might be my best friend. But shhh... Don't tell him.

Has been my bestie for a very long time. Today he reinforced to me that he is one of the greatest thing in my life. I could not love him more than I do. We met when he bit me at work. It was then I realized I needed this man in my life. He has remained for many years, through the thick and thin. Some times very thin, like hanging on by a whisper kind of thin.

The Kyles
When I mention a Kyle there is a possibility of it being two different men. Kyle A. I met in my current ward, he ripped his pants at the ward activity this weekend and Katy had to tell him about it. This was no small rip my friends, it was a cheek to knee kind of rip. I helped him buy a new suit a bit ago and he looks GOOD in it. Seriously ladies, he looks good.

The other Kyle isn't as much of a prominent player on the old blog. But is none the less a key player in my life.

Is a girl. We recently confided in each other that we are sure we met because the Lord knew we would need each other. She spoke in Sacrament meeting the first time I saw her, and I heard clear as day in my mind "that is your new best friend." She is co-founder of our fishing club "the screaming catfish," and she is that friend for me that can make anything all better with just a quick chat. She is the girl version of my Zac. She always has the best advice, and she has two German Shepherds for me to cuddle.

is of course my sister, and Willie already knows who she is.

Work Peeps
I tend to bundle into one person. But they are funny, and I have been thinking about including more of our conversations on here. Like when one of the items of business in our weekly sales meeting was "how does Annie know that Mike wears button fly jeans?"

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