A Time to Laugh

I have friends like Zac that are great at just letting me cry

and Dave who always makes me feel safe.

and lolly who always makes me laugh when I shouldn't. You know like in the temple, or at a funeral. 

We have catch phrases that we made up ourselves like "That's what kind of dedication we have," or "5 a lot." Yes my friends that infamous quote came from our own Lolly. 

We also have ones we say to each other all the time that come from movies. Things like "So I'm 5 minutes late to work every once in a awhile, what is the big whoop?" or "I wish you'd have shown me this photo footage before I sat down." Both from the movie Swing Vote which by the way is funny. But not as funny as when Lolly says it.

One of our other favorites is Win a Date "Sometimes Goliath kicks the (stuffing) out of David," or "everyone is Tad Hamilton to someone," oh oh or "have her back before dawn and no crack cocaine!" The later one is always fun to yell at the other as they leave on a date. 

Last night I showed this clip to Leah and Jeep after Lolly reminded me of it. To be honest I have never seen the movie. But Lolly and I watched this clip over, and over, and over again. And we laugh, and laugh, and laugh.   
I can't stop watching it. There are so many classic lines from this scene that we use in every day talk. I posted it to a friend's wall today because he has a broken heart. "Get yo self some RIBS and some ice cream, because you have been dumped." I hope he doesn't get offended. You can't be offended when you are laughing so hard. 

In my opinion, you know who you are, there is no more important time to laugh than now. 

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