Meet Hooch

Me: Well she said they lay on top of each other on the couch and make out while she's in the room watching TV.
Leah: That is super awkward!
Me: I've never even seen you guys kiss!
Jeep: I don't even like to kiss if there is an animal watching!
Leah: Oh gosh do it!
Jeep: *giggles
Me: He will be the defender of virtue for our home. He'll just sit in the front room WATCHING you.
Leah: What should we name him?
Jeep: *giggles
Me: Hold up! I have a book of pet names!

We picked the name Hooch. It was a family decision and means ”to keep warm on cold nights.”

We had our own FHE tonight and picked him out.

We already love him!

Oh and P.S. He maybe lives in a GIANT margarita glass.

Oh and maybe Leah and Jeep became officially engaged about twenty minutes after this conversation took place.

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