For You

 Sometimes when I am on pinterest I pin something not because I love it for me, but because it reminds me of someone else and warms my heart.

For Wheat Chex aka Kennedy
Because some day he will realize he loves me 

For Jay Paul 
Because he laughed almost as hard as I did but not for nearly as long. 

For Leah
Because that is what friendship means  

 For Kate
Because she is obsessed and even I think this one is cute 

For you
Because sometimes you have to go find him, but don't call him an idiot 

For Zac
Because you bit me. In front of corprate... and your Dad. 

For Dave
This is suppose to be your job. You said it was an adventure. 

For every girl who cries in Relief Society
Don't twist yourself either. 

For me
Yes please! I'll take two! 

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