Angels (part two)

Many of you know about "the incident," but in case you missed it, a recap:
It was Wednesday night and I was up playing Mexican Train with my family. At some point I started to feel like I was drowning. I could breathe it wasn't that, it was that I felt this pressure in my head. My entire family had the flu days earlier so I thought maybe I needed to throw up, although that had never been an accompanying symptom before, I stood up to head to a bathroom. I was at the top of the stairs when my legs collapsed and I blacked out.

I woke up wondering why someone was yelling to call 911, and who was hurt. It was then I heard my dad calling my name. I still couldn't see at this point and was oddly unaware of my body. But I was quickly becoming aware that they were calling 911 for me and I was at the bottom of the stairs. At that point my only thought was "I can't afford to go to the hospital." So I said as much and my dad asked me to move my head, easy, and my legs, wasn't happening. It took me another minute to tell myself to move them. I knew I could I just still wasn't conscious enough to do so. Finally after some convincing my dad helped me up.  

It was then explained to me that they all heard me fall, but thought oh that sucks, and kept playing. My stepmom however decided to check on me and realized something was wrong. Kate and dad then came to my side while Melane was sent to call 911. My skin was blue, I wasn't breathing, I was unresponsive, and had landed on my neck at a twisted angle with the weight of my body on my neck which was still pressed against the bottom step. They were worried about moving me because of the odd angles, they didn't want to paralyze me as they were sure I had a serious neck injury. 

Katy decided to move me anyway and pulled on my arm until my neck was straightened out and I could breathe. I came to shortly after that. I still didn't understand the extent of what had just happened and I headed back upstairs to finish the game. I didn't last long.

In the time since then so many people have taken such good care of me. My dad, my stepmom, even my baby siblings. My Zac stands out, who is well known on this blog, he has been my hero. He's checked in on me a few times a day. He knows the nerdy (scientific) name for all my injuries better than I do, why they effect me the way they do, and my medical history better than me. He might be the only one who knows why I blacked out. Not because I told him, but because he was there "last time." Um but I forgot to pick up the medicine I need tonight. Don't be mad, Zac. He even tried to find someone to carry my suitcases into the house on my arrival back to Utah. He is also about the only one I know who can get me to follow doctor's orders.    

I'm grateful for my stepmom who checked on me, Katy who decided to risk it and get me breathing. My dad for being calm and praying extra hard for me. My stepmom for checking again, while I was sleeping, to make sure I was still alive. For everyone who responded to the text with prayers and encouragement. For my mom who stayed by my bedside all night, yes I know you were there. It's the most physical presence of you I felt since you've been separated from your body.

I could have blacked out anywhere. But I wasn't on the road, putting others lives in danger. I wasn't in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. I was at home with my family where I could be taken care of. Although I could have done without the fall.

My Heavenly Father has a plan for me and great expectations. He's watching over me and protecting me. I feel his love. I have healed so quickly, and am so lucky I'm not recovering from anything major. I'm in almost no pain now. I'm probably not ready to run up mountains with my Joan yet, but I'm getting there.

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  1. Annie, I am glad you are feeling better...that was scary. I am glad you weren't hurt as bad as we thought, it scared the bageebees out of us. I am glad you were able to feel your mother there too. She loves you Annie, as do many other people! (myself included) I hope you get feeling all of the way better soon.