Weekend Update

Jessica swore 9 times during Relief Society.

Other people heard at least two of them.

A dear friend apologized for things said and done this summer.

Pajama Lord of the Rings Marathon.

Ate more of my "secret recipe spicy parmesan popcorn" than is healthy.

Saw a movie with Dave, and one of our favorite couples.

Lost two pounds.

Lunch date canceled due to weather.

"I don't want him to be with someone fantastic! I want him to be with me!"

Decided to add a member to our family. *more on that later

Braved the weather to clean the church at 9am.

New perfume samples from Diptyque. Yes Please!

Lady at Nordstrom refuses to give me a sample of the perfume I want (flowerbomb) because my personalty is too strong for that one.

Gives me two other samples of what she thinks I need.

Conversations with the Cam to calm my heart.

Cold Stone and Conversation in negative temperatures.

Note from a friend that was so sweet I copied it and carry it with me everywhere I go now.

Someone got engaged.

Rescued from awkward town by our own Kenny Rodgers, and Joan.


"I knew you were a Jerk from the moment I met you. Our entire friendship is based on you being a jerk. Just don't be one to me!"

Dropped my phone in the parking lot while it was being plowed and didn't realize until later.

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