The Summer of Wawa

Who remembers our trip to Philadelphia where we stopped at a Wawa at 2am so that I could consume a hoagie?
I probably should not be posting that picture of myself, but it is so lovely. The hoagie I mean.

Today I was very excited when I spotted these bad boys in my local grocery store.
Now while they are a brand of chips I loved growing up and have yet to spot on this side of the continent, that is not why I have an affinity for these tasty morsels.

You see one summer my mom was at an antique auction. She bid on a certain lot, because that lot contained some antique that she wanted. Included in that lot was about a million, or 20 whatever, boxes of Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Chips. I think that might have also been the same lot where she also won a boat load of cinnamon gum.

That same summer we did a girls camp fund raiser where we sold Wawa hoagie gift certificates.
My dad, you see has the same love of a good hoagie that I do, and he decided that he was going to be paying for our girl's camp fees either way so he might as well get a bunch of free hoagies out of it.

So we spent all summer eating Wawa hoagies and Cape Cod Kettle Cooked chips. We ate A LOT, and so did the elders, and anyone else who came in contact with us. I never tired of either.

So today I was a happy girl when I opened a bag and tasted that summer when mom and Dad were fighting over who got to drive the tractor next, Mom and I landscaped the front yard, and Logan was added to our family.  

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