Laguna Beach

We will start here even though this is not
where the adventures begun.
This is where this SD card begins our journey.

Saturday night we had Jake's reception. 
So in the morning, after I drug Katy out of bed
and away from her DS...
 (She will KILL me for posting this, but look teeny brother is in the picture)
We headed to Laguna Beach.

Cuteness on all levels correct?

Of course Robot was being goofy and wanted to know 
if there was a way we could make this into a necklace. 
When I said no he made it into a hat.

 Just a few more pictures.
One of me, so you know I really was there too. 
At some point I lost one of my favorite flip flops of all time. 
At least it wasn't the keys right?
But the sand became warmer and warmer
on my poor foot as the day went on.
This was also the day we, and by we I mean I,
didn't apply suncreen.
I didn't want the 50 SPF they had for the kids 
so I thought we would stop and getting something a little tamer.
That didn't happen. 
Sunburn happened.

And finally one to show you that it really was a
sunny beautiful day at Laguna Beach.
After Laguna we jumped back into the car and made our way up 
The Pacifc Coast highway through Newport Beach
and up to Huntington Beach. 
It was absolutley gorgeous and the weather was perfect.

The beach part of the day ended at Huntington Beach 
where we did lots of swimming and lots of sunbathing. 
Try not to forget that I did this sunbathing minus the sunscreen.

Thanks to my step mom for meeting me with a new pair of flip flops.
You are a life saver, or a foot saver at least.

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