Some of you may have gotten a text from Katy while we were gone, asking which of us was more naughty. The question came because Simon reached across the table at the luncheon and told Katy she was being naughty. An argument then ensued about who was the naughtiest.

I would like to put my vote in:

This is Simon at Coronado beach right after the luncheon. If you mistakenly think he is looking at the waves in awe and pondering deep things let me assure you that he was doing nothing of the sort. He was throwing everything he could find into the ocean. Shells, water bottles, and when nothing else was available.. sand. We will leave all pondering of deep things to Jarom for now. That is his niche anyway.

If there are ever any doubts as to why this stinker has me wrapped around his sand throwing fingers, let me tell you this story my dad posted yesterday. He caught Simon talking to himself in the mirror. "You are me and I am you and sometimes we are nau-au-ghty."

Yes please! I will take two! Okay if we are talking naughty little boys for me I will take as many as Heavenly Father is willing to send me. Just have to find a man first.

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