Date Night

Tonight I got to go on a hot date with one of the cutest men I know...

He also just so happens to be my photographer and stylist for the evening.
Usually your date doesn't help you get ready but mine was kind enough to assist. 
1. "Could you just fix this one spot there."
2. A close up of the master at work.
3. Adding some flare.
4. Wah lah! The finished product!

We went out for Puerto Rican food. Quite the adventure and very delicious. I don't want to embarass my date but during dinner he dumped my ENTIRE drink in my lap and then he just laughed. Then when the waitress came to mop up my chair and I stood up I knocked over all the water glasses on the table. Between the two of us, I looked like I had gone for a swim. But no worries we just laughed and laughed and I dried out eventually. 

Maybe you can blame his clumsiness on the amount of Pina Coladas he'd had.

"Reese, Do it now please!" 
He wanted me to finish his dessert.
But I was too full from the flan we had shared.

We got along so well that he spent most of the date in my lap. 
Good thing I am already a pro at eating one handed while snuggling. 

I got a big hug and a kiss at the end of my date and think that just maybe, we will go out again sometime. 

He is after all, a very cute boy.


  1. Oooh! Best date EVER! I love how you've documented this. Annie, you're so cute and clever! Details would have been totally out of place in this narration. But, my curiosity demands them. Who is this heart-throb?

  2. He is my little Brother Simon. Cutest boy in the world!