A word to the unwise

If you ever happen to loose a flip flop on the beach. Don't walk around the rest of the day with just one.

You see we wear shoes for a reason.

I couldn't figure out why one leg was so swollen. It is just because I am so sunburned I told myself. But there was this nagging question as to why only one was so swollen. Well maybe it was burned a little bit more. But that still seemed no reason for one to look as though I had elephantiasis and one to look just a tiny bit bigger than usual.

Can you see how one has a much more defined tan line? Well that is because I went almost the entire day with only one flip flop. And that is the leg that is more swollen. It would seem that we wear shoes to keep our feet from getting tiny cuts.You see when we get tiny cuts from things like broken shells and sand itself, wearing shoes keeps nasty things from entering into those cuts. When nasty things stay out of your cuts, your leg stays average size.

I think not wearing shoes is how people actually do get elephantiasis. Also on the way home I saw a billboard in St. George that said "Practice safe sun: Wear protection." I did not. I would like to say publicly that as a blond haired, blue eyed girl of viking ancestry, sunscreen is a must.

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