The Screaming Catfish

We need a picture of the entire group, which I don't have. 


The Screaming Catfish, is the fishing club that
Katy and I are a part of.
There will have to be a later post to introduce you 
it's founding members, Cameran and Kathy
Yesterday we started at Rockport where after two hours,
and only one catch, we moved onto East Canyon.

We had MUCH better luck at East Canyon

See how happy I am?

At one point, both Kathy and I felt a nibble and reeled it. 
When Kathy went to inspect and see who had caught the fish,
and who had caught the others line it turned out we had both caught the fish. 
And he had swallowed BOTH hooks. 
What a piggie!

And finally here is a little sneak peak of my fishing setup. 
In order to be an expert fishermen there are some essential items. 

Can't wait for next time!

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