I didn't forget!

In my zest for General Conference this weekend don't think I forgot my other favorite part of April!

Today is OPENING DAY for the Phillies!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?

Some people are saying that our rotaion is one of the best in baseball history.


We are starting the season with Utley indefinetly sidelined.

Never fear however, because one person does not make a team AND my favorite, and yours, Roy Halladay is starting this afternoon!

And guess what? For those of you who care... This kid is LDS!

In honor of my favorirte city on earth we had one of these last weekend.

 (P.S. My nails are very cute, don't you think?)

Oh my goodness and I want another one right now! I can get the meatball sub, and I can find somewhere to watch the game, but I will miss the Italian men in the cheap seats! My favorite part of going to the game!

And in case you were wondering.
This is what a best friend looks like. Look at her.
She has no reason to love Nebraska enough to wear the shirt except that she loves me.
Now we just have to get her a Phillies shirt!
And I suppose I would need an Oklahoma one.

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