Stupid Boy

Have you ever known someone who was this really awesome amazing person?
But really they weren't.
they were actually kind of a jerk? 
Or incredibly selfish?
It really sucks.
Because you are going to miss him.
But you can only love someone who doesn't love you for so long.
After awhile is starts to wear on you.
And awhile later you realize he has taken and taken and never given back.
And you have nothing left to give.
So you cry a little and you move on.
And you are probably better off.

But it REALLY, REALLY sucks.


  1. Matthew K thinks this post is about him. You better make it up to him. :)

  2. Hate that. So much. Glad that you're not willing to settle!

  3. Can I just say I heart you five a lot!? I stumbled on to your blog and read the post titled "stupid boy" and I just kept saying to myself, this is totally my "stupid boy!" I'm fairly certain you weren't actually blogging about him but that is exactly how I feel. It really really sucks. He's such a jerk but I keep needing to be reminded that I deserve better. This was my daily reminder. So it's probably cheesey to say this but thanks for being my other very wise big sister. You've given great advice that I very much need on more than one occasion. Heart!