My boss was asking me today about a key. 
You see it is the only one in the office and he was worried that we only had one key and that I had it.

"No worries I'm not going to lose it."
"But what if one day you just don't come into work."
"Then I will be back the next day with the key."
"But what if you just never come back? What if you just disappear like that one lady they just found in like southern Utah?"
"They found that lady who disappeared from West Valley?"
"Yeah she had just up and run away with some guy from work."
"That is NOT going to happen here!"
"Why not?"
"The only single person is the *OMC!"
"Well you never know Annie, we better get another key made."

I have not made another key.

*Open Mouth Chewer

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  1. As if!

    You're still among my favorite, Annie. Don't forget it :)