Mormon Superbowl

... as miss Lolly calls it.

Oh my goodness how I love General Conference.

This year we watched conference with friends from their cabin in Bear Lake. 

We listened to the first session on the radio while driving up to Bear Lake. We were at the light at the bottom of the canyon in Brigham City when I rolled the window down, and signaled to the car next to me that it was time to rock out. I then leaned over and turned up conference on the radio. Everyone in the car was bobbing their head, rocking out to conference. The guy thought we were crazy but really we just couldn't even handle how exited we were to hear our prophet's voice.

The weekend was full of good friends, good food, amazing views, and a lot of just being together. They have a plaque up in the cabin that says  "together is our favorite place to be." I couldn't agree more! 

This is how Katy enjoys conference.
She will kill me for posting this. Ha!

I of course, and Katy also, spend most of the time knitting it up.
Part of the Noah's ark I am knitting for my non-existent children.

Yes I am that girl. 
and a scarf I am working on for my brother because his mission requires one and they were VERY specific about what was allowed and what wasn't. So I decided to knit him up just what he needed. Now he can have the perfect rule abiding scarf AND one knit with lots of love in every stitch. In this picture you can also kind of see the quilt I made out of my mom's clothes. I made one for all us kiddos. Well mine isn't done, but everyone else has one.

What a perfect weekend. I feel bad that the boys got chastised. Mostly because it seems to be the only thing being talked about afterward and I feel that instead of being so excited that the boys got told, we should be reflecting on the instruction meant for us. Do you think due to the talks given that we will see any change in the single adult men of the church? And if so what changes are you anticipating?

I hope that everyone who was listening, as Elder Holland said, found themselves to be not only the comfortable who were afflicted but also the afflicted who were comforted. I know I was, and I say we give the boys a break. I LOVE the men in my life, and know they try just as hard, if not harder, than I do to live righteously.

Personally, I loved Elder Scott's talk so so much. But it made me a little sad that I had no one to make a hole punched love note for, because that is the kind of thing I do. 
I also loved Elder Robbins talk, and found it extra interesting as I home teach one of his daughters and know well one of his sons. 

I can't wait to get my copy of the conference Ensign. 
I wish it was out today.

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  1. Your sweet quilts reminded me of a book. You should see if you can find it. "Old Jake's Skirts" by C. Anne Scott