My Valentine's Evening

Started like this...

 I hurt my back at work. No big deal, I am 100% this morning, but I had to take it easy last night. 
So a movie curled up on the couch with one of my favorite men*, while Katy went out, turned out to be the evening's plans. It wouldn't have been so bad but I was stuck laying in the crafting mess we had created all weekend and I couldn't get up and clean it without serious pain.

So there I sat

Until one of my good friends stopped by with treats. 
I laid on the couch while he not only did the dishes but vacuumed as well.
  THEN he emptied the vacuum,  and cleaned the filter, as well as (as I learned this morning) my microwave.
He even brought me something to eat on the couch. 
How cute is he?
He wins sexiest man of the week.

* Yes I am the crazy cat lady. I have had Mokey since I was 12. He chose me. I normally choose dogs.

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