No Tuna

I found out my bike was stolen. I LOVE that bike and it was VERY  expensive.
Then my favorite camera. No not my Rebel, but my Fuji Digital SLR camera, fell apart and I lost the broken piece. 

And tonight the horrible, no good, very bad wind tossed my grill across that back yard like a dodgeball.
It seems beyond repair. I LOVE my grill, and am grieving tonight. Yes I know I am blessed but I can't help it, judge me if you want.

I cried about it.

Then while I was crying I thought how I'd really like a tuna sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread with just a few potato chips.

But I don't have any tuna!


  1. Dear, my heart is grieving for you! Sorry for your sadness! UGH! I sure love you and will pray for all sorts of goodness to come your way! Swiftly!

  2. I wish I could send you some tuna. And it is okay to cry, we all need to some time. On a higher note, I like the way your blog looks! Great pic!