The OMC strikes again...

I moved my candy jar off my coffee table and onto my desk. I liked it originally on the coffee table better because if I wanted candy I had to get up and walk over and get it.

I moved it to my desk however so that the open mouth chewer would be less likely to take a piece. Petty I know, but HE CHEWS WITH HIS MOUTH OPEN. So I choose not to facilitate him doing it over my desk.

It worked too. He didn't take even one piece for weeks. Then the other day I decided I needed a change and I rearranged my entire office. I think it looks fantastic and I even have a "view" out of the window from where I am sitting. Perfect! But now the candy dish on my desk is back in the line of sight of the open mouth chewer.

And he comes in JUST for the candy jar!!! Ugh!

Here is the worst part. My boss told me the other day that I should spend more time with the OMC.


"Because I feel this is the way all good romantic comedy's begin"

"No thanks, that is the way my worst nightmare begins."

1 comment:

  1. I loathe open mouth cheers. And while I appreciate the humor your boss clearly has in abundance, I cannot help but feel mortified that he ever suggested you spend more time with said offender--even if it was in jest.