Death of the bookstore.

I love bookstores oh so much. I love the smell of coffee and new crisp books. I love to find a chair back in the children's section and just read. I love to look at craft books, and how to books, and art books, I love to read snippets of self help books, and comic books, and funny books about dating. Going to the book store is one of my seriously favorite things. A big comfy chair, and great book, and a salted caramel hot chocolate. 

The Border's Bookstore in Logan is closing. I spoke with Zac this morning and asked him how he felt about it. You see he worked at Borders while we were falling into a very serious long term friendship. 
He said it was okay to be sad, and he was, but that it really is the end of the physical bookstore.

When I told him how mad that made me, he asked if I ever bought books from there. 
Um no actually. I write down the titles in my phone and go home and order them used from Amazon.

So apparently I am the reason bookstores all over are closing.

And don't tell me to go to the library because it is not the same!


  1. Oh, no!
    I love bookstores as well, they are so quiet and calm. Wish there were more of them around where I live!