This weekend

 I did some of this... (Minute to Win it)

Some of this...

 Okay lots of this...

and "built" one of these...

Not pictured:
4 girls all in the same bunk squealing about boys.
Playing nerdy games we all love so much!
Spending a little dinero in PC on he way home. 
Playing for reals Mario Kart.
Traipsing up blizzard hill.
Katy "making out" with Nance.
Todd asking to talk about guns instead of hormones.
Talking in Pride and Prejudice code with the boys and having them all agree on who our Mr. Cullins is.
Singing Seven Bride for Seven Brothers tunes!

ALL while never being cold and always being surround by good friends who make me laugh.

Oh and I had none of this...
 Or this...

We didn't have to call in Bro. Reeve
(The man is basically a ninja at survival, the stud of wilderness living, and the king of tracking.)
The best part is I am not even kidding! He is legit!!!

Nor did I even need this...

Successful weekend!

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