Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Remember how sad I was when my bike was stolen, and my grill and camera broke? 

Well guess what? I lost my very most favorite pearl necklace. I have a beautiful strand from my mom but the one I lost was a pendant, a pendent I wore almost everyday and was totally in love with.


Have I mentioned that before? I really love them. I think they are so beautiful in their simplicity. And yet the way they are formed is anything but simple. Isn't it amazing the beauty that can come from a simple defense mechanism of a shelled mollusk?

So today I was online looking for a new one, just looking, as I can't really afford to replace mine. 
I found these that are similar and that I love. 

The gold one just needs to be white gold. 

While I was on looking for a new necklace a miracle happened.

Now don't get the idea that I am looking, because I am not.
But I have NEVER seen a Diamond engagment ring that I liked. When someone is showing theirs off I usually make something up about how beautiful it is but secretly I am hating it. 
I have always wished I could meet someone who would be happy to give me a band. No stone at all, just a simple gold band. 

I still can't think of anything I would like more than a simple gold band but this popped up in the side bar and I realized either of these would be something I could live with. 

So I found a ring I like. Now I have to find a date for the weekend.


  1. I hate most rings too. But I have seen a few solitaires that I like. (What can I say? I like the way diamonds sparkle!) I can usually get away with, "Oh, how lovely for you!" or some other comment like unto it when my friends show me their rings. And really, it's not a lie. They obviously love it. But you couldn't pay me to wear anything so gaudy as most engagement rings out there.

  2. Takes note.