Dear Former Annie,

I know I was mad at you the other day. In fact I was REALLY mad at you. You hurt me and that sucked. In fact I was so miserable that my boss tried to send me home early.

While driving home nothing on the radio seemed to fit my mood so I dug out my ipod and was trying to find my favorite guilty pleasure song. You know the one. Trevor deleted it off our ipod once, and you readded it. Well yesterday it was nowhere to be found. So while you might think I am mad at you once again I would actually like to say thanks. You deleted that horrible nasty song. You knew that it would only feed my bad mood and certainly wasn't something that would bring the spirit.

Here is the best part, I was looking for the song under artist N and when I selected the artist I got The Newsies! Ugh! Not something you want to listen to when you are feeling rotten. All that stupid happiness was making me sick. So I finally got the right artist and the song wasn't there. So last ditch effort I try to look it up by song title under A. Guess what I selected instead? Alma. Again basically the EXACT opposite of what I was looking for but in the end just what I needed. So thanks. I appreciate what you did for me.

Current Annie

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