Let 'em in!

The other day at work this guy came in and handed my boss this card:

(It reads: Friend of Jimmy Let 'em in!) 

The guy told my boss to bring all his rowdy friends and show up at his concert for a good time. My boss gave me the card because he said I am the rowdy one. Ha! The guy that gave it to us was a little crazy to begin with, it was at a shady venue, AND the card itself reaked of cigarette smoke! I put the card in the pile of business card that have accumulated on my desk and didn't think much of it.

It had been sitting on my desk for days...

Until a salesman came in a few days later. We politely told the man we weren't interested and he asked to leave his card. What he gave us was a big fat letter opener with his business card in it. So I took his out and replaced it with Jimmy's!

I have been using Jimmy as my letter opener for a few weeks now and after my temple time out episode I sat at my desk and re read the back of the card. "Friend of Jimmy, Let 'em in" Which was suppose to get me and all my wild friends into some club. What I started thinking was how I kinda feel the same way when I use my recommend to enter the temple. I feel like maybe if I look down at the screen next time they scan it, the screen just might say "Friend of The Lord, let 'er in!"

I need to work on being a better friend to The Lord.

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