CES Fireside with Elder Christofferson

I fell asleep during his fireside on Sunday, I'm not going to lie, but my entire row did. 

I am glad I went however, because I did hear one thing. It perhaps, was even out of context but I heard him say to watch not only what we take from the internet, but what we put on it. I have thought about that and think that I am going to be editing the content of my blog a little better. I am going to try to keep the negativity to a minimum and maybe not be quite as "scandalous." I am even going to go back and remove a post or two from the past. 

Is the internet the place to lay all my frustrations out? Probably not. If I need to cry, or talk it out I know who I can call who will be there in a flash, in person... and they may even let me break something. That is what best friends are for right? Between them and my Heavenly Father I shouldn't need to "get it all out" here. 

We will see how this continues to progress. I hope I can still be funny, informative, and honest.

But I am still irritated by the open mouth chewer and I think he knows it, because he slinks into my office and back out in a hurry now. That's perfect I like it when people are frightened of me. This is how it should be.

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