I facebook stalk you...

I am friends with all but one of my ex-boyfriends, something fun for the summers, and what was I thinkings.

Odd but true.

So the other day I was conversing with one of the before mentioned men and the more I got involved in what he was telling me the more I thought that the things he loves are stupid.

I had to stop facebook stalking him because I was so disgusted with my former self who was faux in love with him. Looking back, I am glad I listened to the spirit when he spoke to me: "Yes he is a good guy, but not good for you."

I am glad that I didn't let our few common interests (music, cooking, and kissing) keep us together. I was devastated when it ended. Well kinda distraught. Okay maybe just bored. But it did suck. In the end I am so glad I am single and me, rather than one part of an us I don't really care for.

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  1. Helloooooooooooo, Annie! I read your blog all the time and never comment, and I love comments, so I'm just saying hey!