The eyeball shirt

My dad had this yellow shirt when I was little. It had two big eyes on it and said something like "lookin' good" or something like that. Anyway my dad was in love with it. By the time my mom finally got him to quit wearing it, he may still have it, there was literally nothing left of the shirt. The hole was bigger than the shirt itself.
Not everyone is lucky to find a shirt that is perfect in every way. I have one too. I stole it from my brother. It is a Widner Pioneer Football camp t-shirt from when he was in middle school. I love it in every way. The trouble is that it is over ten years old now and I still wear it. Up until yesterday it only had a few small holes in it. But I was trying to put it on and a bigger hole ripped into the back of it.  Sadness. it is also so thread bear that it is almost see through.

At what point do I have to throw it away? Can I keep it in honor of the "Lookin' Good" shirt until there is more hole than shirt? I want to.

UPDATE: The pioneers are no longer in existence. Due to popular vote, the collective Widener athletic teams have been known as The Pride since 2006. That means my shirt is now a valuable collector's item which I must keep and treasure for always. I guess I have my answer.

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