Jon and I were in the checkout line at Target. We were laughing and giggling and carrying on. We were teasing the cashier and had him and the guys behind us in line laughing out loud when the cashier, obviously a very freshly returned missionary, mentioned something about us being newlyweds and how great that was.

Much more giggling ensued as Jon tried to explain that we were not newlyweds just good friends spending the weekend together. But the cashier understood him wrong and though we were friends "spending the weekend together." The cashier got all quiet and awkward after that. Eventually Jon paid and escorted me out of the Target. The guy behind me in line was still laughing almost as hard as I was.

I once again would just like to say how thankful I am for my friends. Even the people in line behind us wished that they had my friends. Too bad cute boy in line, they are mine!

Wait... he was cute... and I bet single.


Opportunity wasted.

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