Fort Bridger Adventure

With Katy and I it is always an adventure. What is an adventure you ask? Everything! But in this particular instance it was our trek back to Utah.

You see as noted earlier Katy and I left for Home on Monday night and spent the evening at Uncle Pete's. After a casual breakfast, we were on our way. Our GPS showed us getting home around 3 so we figured we had plenty of time to kill. So I called my Aunt Pat who is truly one of the greatest women alive. 

Here is a map of how our journey should have gone.

Following the map from right to left I should have taken the Mountain View exit and when heading out I should have found the freeway again at the Fort Bridger exit. Easy. I have done this many many many times without incident. So easy it is sickening.

Well we had a very pleasant visit and left with plenty of daylight to burn. I decided to follow the GPS. I don't really know how it happened. I must have missed a turn somewhere but at some point my GPS told me to turn down Country Road 261 or something like that. County Road 261 happened to be an unplowed sketchy dirt road so I decided to keep going and see what the GPS could come up with. Katy suggested turning around but we had come so far and were so close to the freeway.

I suppose I should have turned around when we passed the following sign.

The road looked clear however and it was kind of plowed. I thought we should go for it. Katy said turn around. But how do you turn around on a narrow country road. Very carefully! Or you get your car stuck in a ditch. Like I did. Katy tried to push it out with no luck. So I got out and tried. I was in shorts and moccasins, which I lost in the snow and traded for frost bite. I had little success. So we Yelled for help and two VERY attractive men in flannel and orange vests came to our rescue. We were back on the road in no time.

Silly us though we didn't ask for directions so we were left once again following the GPS. Which did eventually take us back to the freeway. We only lost 30-40 minutes on our adventure and we also got to meet two tall lumber jacks. Or hunters... Or escaped felons. Who ever they were they brightened our day and lightened our load. Hopefully word never gets back to our Aunt Pat. These things do in small communities.

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