Petition for Safety

I am trying to convince my boss that Company ski day is something I should abstain from. 

He says now is the time to learn.

Which of my friends wants to leave a comment explaining to him why this is a bad idea?

You may address your remarks to Mr.C. 


  1. Dear Mr. C.,

    We like Annie too much to advocate that you allow her to jeopardize her safety.

    Please encourage Annie to stay inside the main lodge and keep the cocoa warm during your upcoming company ski day.

    Yours truly

  2. Dear Mr. C...

    May I please direct your attention to exhibit A.
    Annie ripped her face off while cliff diving. And did I also mention that this was accompanied by a screw up knee and detached retinas.

    Exhibit B.
    While merely chopping wood for the fire place she managed to get a splinter in her eye which lingered there for several days almost causing her to go blind.

    Exhibit C.
    She broke her foot by getting it run over with a fork lift.

    Exhibit D.
    I have personally seen her wrap, splint, or cast things on her body in order to avoid a COSTLY trip to the doctors office while living with her, despite any amount of swelling.

    Mr. C. unless you are backing this work ski trip with free health coverage and paying for her leave of absence due to a work related injury, I would strongly suggest that she be given a more important duty such as hot cocoa passer outer, or cookie baker, or positive support to those who are struggling skiers. Please know that by allowing her to bring a note from home that says "Annie cannot ski today" you truly are being a humanitarian and allowing the rest of us to rest easy in knowing that the phone will not be ringing today with news of her untimely demise. But then again, there is always tomorrow.