a much needed boost

I have needed a little self esteem boost lately. So when the receptionist told me I looked good this morning I thought "she is so sweet she must know I really needed that today."

When I walked into Republic Mortgage this morning and all the ladies stopped what they were doing and commented on how good I looked and asked if I had a hot date tonight I thought "boy they are sweet."

Just now I was at Walmart and I literally ran right into this SUPER hot Guy and his buddy. I said I was sorry and his buddy hits him and says "watch out for the ladies man." We exchange looks and I say it's okay and give him the flirtiest smile I can manage then give him an over the shoulder glance as I walk away accompanied by a little wave.

A few minutes later I'm picking out some cheese and I turn around to see him staring at me, so I give him the smile and wave again. His buddy comes around the corner and hits him in the shoulder and says "dude you're embarrassing me!"

Just a few minutes later I am in the tortilla aisle where I run into him again. This time I laugh out loud, smile, then pretend to be really interested in the little Debbie snack cakes.

It wasn't until I was at the check out that I realize he is standing by my register. Once again I look up at him and smile. But the cashier interrupts us and while I am talking to her his buddy says, "dude what are you doing? You aren't going to get her number let's get out of here!" He leaves, then kinda turns back and gives me the same sexy little wave I gave him. Then he disappeared.

To the Walmart cutie, wherever you are, you made me laugh, smile, and feel sexy. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks! I needed that today. And I don't normally do this... but I may have given you my number... my actual one.


  1. So, which Little Debbie cakes did you get?

  2. I love that you had this moment. Sometimes you just need to feel good and by someone that doesn't know you at all. That way you know it is truly genuine and not just your friends being nice. P.S...if you need to camp out at Wal-mart to find this mystery lover I will bring the tent...let's do this!