Our car buying experience

Drew and I spent Saturday evening car shopping. I told the same story at every car lot we walked onto. I told them I was in the early phases of shopping. I wanted something under 10 with good mpg and it had to be sexy. Yes I told them it had to be sexy.

Car lot #1
Basically uneventful

Car lot #2
The cars he shows me are all like Grand Ams, and Buicks, and La Sabres. Oh and some little like 2000 nissan sentra in banana yellow. No thanks! So I remind him that I want something sexy and He shows me a Kia and I say " A KIA! I don't want a car that has parts falling off of it while I'm driving down the freeway." He then goes off on how wonderful a Kia is and I tell him that none of these cars are really striking my fancy. He then asks me what the heck I think I'm going to get for under 10 and I tell him that I already found a few cars that I like for under 10 and we leave the lot.

Car lot #3
We walk on the lot and I tell him the same thing I told all the other dealers and he tells me they don't have much on the lot. He shows me a red Vibe and some how bamboozels us into a test drive. Drew and I are waiting in the car for him to come back with my license and there is some kind of crap on the radio so i go to turn it and we realize that the screen on the radio is broken so after getting a few different mariachi stations we turn the radio off. During our ride around downtown the guy asks Drew and I lots of questions which Drew and I answer for each other. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that later he asks Drew and I if he will be putting both of our names on the title.

This question is also the begining of them trying to force me into buying a car. He asks if we will come inside for a minute while he grabs his card and I said "Okay but I only have a minute because Drew needs to be fed." He promises and I say "okay but I am serious he is going to get grumpy and that is going to be on your head."

So we walk in and he introduces me to some other guy and starts pulling up chairs. So I said "Listen, we just came in for a card we don't need any of these chairs!" Then the guy starts going on and on about how can he get me into a car tonight. I again bring up that Drew needs to be fed and Drew gives the guy a little sad puppy dog face while also laughing with me with his eyes. So he trys to sell me the Vibe and I tell him I'm not interested. He then asks me if I had looked at one of the new Cubes that was out front and I say that we looked at one but I only want a car under 10 and he says he can do that for me. The man was crazy! So I tell him I don't care because I need a sexy color and he only has white and champange and he says that he has black. "BORING!" I tell him. He then says that they have a color that looks black but it is something completly different in the light of day. I tell him great we'll come back in the light of day.

Thanks for going with me Drew, Thanks for letting me use you as an excuse for getting us the heck out of that Nissan dealership, thanks for answering all my quesions for me, AND for making sure we didn't get "drive by shoted."

P.S. I found the car I wanted at the Toyota dealership. The guy wasn't pushy and he knew exactly what was sexy. He even let us leave to fed Drew without incident.

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  1. Wonderful car buying experience. People has to decide before hand only when they want to buy a car. If they decide about the budget and the company it helps people to know where you have to go and buy the cars. There are so many dealers out in the city to help all car buyers.