You're friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart

After FHE tonight we stopped by the Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. The first sign that this was going to be a good night happened when we were walking in past the cash registers and Lolly decided that it would be a good time to "adjust" things. So I yell at her and say "Woman you have to keep those things tucked in, the Wal-Mart employees are enjoying a free show!" The Wal-Mart employee, Ray, then says "thanks we really appreciate it." So Lolly turns bright red and we take off to another part of the store.

That is when we run into our new best friend Kenny Rogers. Yes that is his real name. He was there to buy, as Kenny Rogers calls them, nanners. Anyway, Lolly starts putting her food into his cart and I ask her if she plans on going home with Mr. Rogers. He laughs and says he is sure he will hear her around.

That is when we start talking about which one of us should be in love with Kenny Rogers and we vote on Katy. She can now choose between the Peruvian Prince and a country music super star. GO KATY!

We walked ALL OVER the place tonight because no one knew what they wanted. So we were once again passing the cash registers and one of the cashiers was standing there trying to wave us over and Lolly tells him that she loves him and we will be back to visit him after we finish our shopping. I flashed him the heart sign and he turned bright red.

So we are all checked out and leaving the store and we are passing the deli and the lady is packing everything up in bags so I made Lolly ask if it was discounted. When she said yes it was half off I went and grabbed a bag of Wal-Mart chicken and a bag of Jalapeno Poppers. Dude Wal-Mart Boneless wings are SOOO good! The new check out guy doesn't take the 50% off and so I tell him and he re-rings it up half price. Problem is he never voided the old stuff so he sends me off to customer service to get a refund for my Wal-Mart chicken. Don't worry about how while we are leaving the register Katy flashes Geoff, the cashier, her bedroom eyes and he turns BRIGHT red!

All three of us head over there and who is at customer service? Ray! When we walk in to customer service he says, "We were just talking about you!" So I'm trying to get my refund and Lolly is battering the customer service guy with questions about what ALL of Wal-Mart now knows about her. He gives out no information though and we turn to leave and Katy says that she just really wants to see Ray again and don't worry he came around the corner right then. He points at Katy and says she is trouble, and I say "but it isn't her that you got to know intimately" and he yells "Nope that was the girl in the middle!"

Thanks, girl in the middle. That Wal-Mart is still talking about us for sure.

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  1. I love it!!! It was the MOST scandalous trip to WalMart ever! Heart us!