God's will

I have been debating one big decision lately. A decision I believe I now have an answer to. After receiving this answer I realized I wasn't getting my way and so I said in a teasing manner "Well what if I just decide to be an ice road trucker?" The very prompt response was... "what if I want you to be an ice road trucker?" That is when the prayer turns and I start panicking and saying that isn't really what I wanted, I was just teasing. Fortunately for me He already knows that.

But I understood what He meant. What he was asking me is are you willing to do my will no matter what it is? What if He asked me to do something I thought was impossible? What if He asked me to do something outside my comfort zone? What if He asked me to do something I really didn't want to do? Would I have the faith to follow the prompting? I want to say absolutely but in that context I start thinking things like "but I wouldn't even know where to start and I don't have the resources" and I might, just might doubt that I could do it.

Then I think well I bet Nephi felt the same way when asked to go get the plates, and I am sure he felt that way when asked to build a ship. And Jonah, what about him? We all know he didn't readily accept his assignment. So am I going to be a Nephi or a Jonah? I want to be a Nephi. And while I know my Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be an ice road trucker I wonder what things he is preparing me to accept. What things does he have in store for me that will stretch me to my limits? I don't know but I am excited and willing to accept his will for my life. He has done such a good job so far!


  1. Annnie, you are the BOMB! totally! yes you are!

  2. Don't let it over cook.

  3. Only you annie m. hall would threaten the Lord with ice road trucking! =) That made my day!