Limited Editions

I LOVE Limited Edition food! It is the curse of my life. I learn to love something and it is gone. Perhaps my limited food addiction is symbolic... 
My very first limited edition craze was as a small child. Who remembers smurf ice cream?
Apparently they now have Smurf Gelato. Not the same! I am pretty sure Smurf ice cream was a crazy bubble gum ice cream but I remember that when one of my parents bought me a scoop I though I was the greatest thing ever!

 In high school I fell 100% head over heals for the Fiesta Whopper!
Does anyone remember it? It was spicy and amazing and it came with this spice pack to sprinkle on your fries. I have never loved another burger more.

A few years ago I came across these little gems at my local Wal-Mart
I was addicted to them and Zac and I would eat them by the bagful. They still appear in the store every now and again, but they always go fast so I don't always have a chance to partake.

One of the big things about this item as well as the previous one is that they are both chocolate items that I can't get enough of. That rarely happens for me.
But these little morsels of delight are something I can't get enough of. The strawberry Peanut butter M&Ms. Delish!

This very week one of my all time favorite Limited Edition items came out!
Fortunately,  for all of us this one comes out once a year! Snubs told me it would be worth it to buy a chest freezer and stock up! Ironically enough our downstairs freezer is currently full of diet food.

I blame Walter for this one. He used to bring boxes of chips into work all the time. He knew I liked spicy cheetos so when these were discontinued he brought me a whole box!

You will NEVER go back to the cheeto after sampling one of these! These are one of those things I can't have anyone seeing me eat though. I feel like I will for sure be judged! The sad thing was that I could never be 100% happy eating these treasures because I knew when I finished the box, that was it. Then I found that they sell them in a gas station in Odgen! I stocked up!

Finally, the saddest one... Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke!


  1. And how about Edy's Chiquita and Chocolate?

  2. I think your father commented using my! I feel the longings in my own way...what happened to those coconut m&m's, the minute I discover them, they rip them off the shelf...*sigh*