single sisters

My family went to Brasil recently to pick up my brother from his mission while I took care of the kids in Nebraska. Right before they left dad and I had this conversation:

Dad: Do you want to go with me to the Olympics in 2016? It will be fun and we can eat a lot of good food! Oh wait you'll be married by then and have all kinds of kids. Well, Katy won't have anything going on... she can take care of them and you can come to Brazil with me.

Me: Ha! I think Katy would be sad to know you don't think she'll be married by 2016!

...and she was sad.

Don't worry Kate, listen to this:

Snubs: Annie you know we are the perfect couple, you know we are meant to be.

Me: Yeah there is just that little issue of us having some different interests.

Snubs: Can we get married in the next life? You know after I've served my two millenia in Hell?

Me: So what you are saying is you expect me to not only be single through all of this life but you expect that after two millennia in the next I will still have found no one willing to settle for me?

Snubs: That's the plan.

At least Katy only has to wait another 6 years.

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  1. The rate I am going I will be single much later than 2016. Have fun in Brazil!