Edy's Vs. Dryer's venting again....

My dad commented on my last post and said he missed Edy's Chiquita and chocolate flavor ice cream. First of all I would like to say that if anyone knows ice cream it would be my father. So if there is a limited edition something he would miss my first guess would have been some kind of ice cream. I love my dad SO much but I did not develop his love of ice cream.

I know you are staggering back in unbelief right now because I don't love ice cream. How can this be? Well I don't hate all ice cream. I guess you could say I am an ice cream snob. Why would anyone eat plain vanilla ice cream. There are so many *options out there? Why waste calories on something you don't LOVE?

That being said lets talk Edy's Ice cream. According to wikipedia Dryer's (the west coast name), is identical to Edy's (the east coast name). Apparently they just want to honor both founders and not be confused with **Breyer's that was already established on the east coast. They lie! Edy's has all the good flavors. I miss cherry chocolate chip, and ice cream sandwich, and chiquita and chocolate. I have seen the cherry chocolate chip flavor only once in the Dreyer's brand and I have never seen the other two. Sad day for me. I will forgive them though, only because they do produce the Samoa's flavor. If they put that out year round we could be friends forever....

*Other favorites: Most Coldstone, but when they have the oatmeal cookie batter base my heart leaps with joy. Most anything from Reed's Dairy, but they have a peanut butter banana one that I can't live without. Pour some chocolate milk on it for a brown cow and you are set for life! Their coconut almond fudge is also to die for. Finally I LOVE the soft serve ice cream at Maverick. I am very sorry for those of you with no local Maverick, Unless you have a Wawa and then I am jealous of you for very different, but just as fattening reasons that I don't even need to mention.

**Breyer's ice cream is NOT good. My mom liked it, sorry mom, but the texture is all wrong. You have pure ice cream with no crap in it, that's great. If I want cream and sugar ice cream I'll make it myself and it will be better. I also hate Sub Zero ice cream. I guess I am a texture girl because that stuff is NASTY and WAY too sweet. Yuck!

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  1. I too hate Breyer's and sub zero is super nasty!! The texture is so super gross. Reed's dairy is the best ice cream I have ever had. So creamy and delicious! LOVE IT! I would bring more down but I will get super fat if I did. So sorry!