So I was at this party...

This was seriously awkward.

I was sitting on the couch with my friend Scott. He got up to grab some food from the kitchen and while he was gone I started a conversation with the guy on my other side. When Scott came back I reached over without looking and put my hand on his leg.

Not inappropriate, but what any girl might do to her boyfriend to acknowledge his return without breaking the conversation. I just ran my hand down his leg then kind of rested it on his shin and gave him a little squeeze.

After I had my hand on his leg for a minute or so with no response I thought it was odd so I turned to make eye contact with him, when I realized someone else had taken Scott's spot. A super nerdy kid I didn't know who just got back from his mission.

How do you recover from that? You don't. So I just smiled at him and went back to my conversation. When I found Scott still in the kitchen, we had a good laugh about it.

Ugh. Why is it ALWAYS me? 


  1. ROFL!!!! Gasping for air!!! Annie! You totally just made my day! (Still laughing uncontrollably!)

  2. Thanks for the laugh. :) You are so hilarious.

  3. Oh, dear. Annie! I'm so glad I clicked on your blog this morning! Just what I needed! And maybe that's just what this awkward RM needed, too! There was never any interaction after that? Did he leave quickly after you removed your hand from his leg? Wait ... even better ... please tell me you kept it there. ;)

  4. Brooke, he left the couch but not the party. We didn't really interact at all after that, but we didn't interact before either.

  5. That stuff happens to me as well, just so you know. seems much more hilarious when it's someone else...

    Thanks for sharing! :)