Robot's Cafe

The Beins family is basically part of my family. They have two sons Flower (Joe), and Robot (Jon). We nickname everyone, really no lie. We now call the whole family the Robots. Bill is Robot Senior and Anne is Sister Robot. Well they recently sold their home in Kearny, NE and bought a restaurant in Arapaho, NE, about an hour away. While we were home Dad and Melane were sweet enough to take us out there to sample the cooking and visit with the Robots.
We started at the counter for breakfast. The restaurant is buffet style. We had bacon, and Robot Senior's special recipe breakfast sausage, while he continuously brought us ham steaks. Which we fought over until they were gone. Delicious.

Not to be ones to miss out on delicious food, we then took a break and headed over to the local grocery store.

 I loved these shopping baskets that have to be antique.
My little monkey is modeling one for us here. I spend a GOOD amount of time looking at each and every tractor, car, truck etc that he wanted for Christmas from now until he is retired. Good thing boys never get tired of such things. In true small town Nebraska style, this was a general store carrying clothing, food, toys, crafts supplies, etc. I found a tackle bag I felt I almost needed but I walked away. Dad however could not walk away from the smoked turkey he purchased and made for Christmas Dinner. Thanks Papa it was very delicious!

Then back to the Robot's Cafe. I think they should name it that, just sayin'.

This is Dolly. She came in, curlers and all, to see if they had any lasagna left over from the day before. To her great disappointment they did not. She was full of pep and sass, but sadly not lasagna as today was seafood day. Did you know that I LOVE seafood, Shrimp and scallops especially. But after sampling The fried Chicken that Robot Senior made I didn't touch another piece of seafood the rest of the time we were there. I don't like "on the bone chicken" and typically, in my opinion, the flavor is all in the skin and the meat isn't so delicious. THIS chicken was one of the best things I have ever tasted. The skin was perfectly crisp and delicious, and the amazingly moist meat had all the PERFECT flavor of the skin. Oh my goodness!

Robot Senior in the Kitchen.

I seriously have dreamed about this chicken twice since we went there. Why oh why do I have to wait for another trip home to sample it? Life is certainly not fair from time to time. Perhaps, though it is a blessing in disguise to keep me skinny.

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