My Carpool

No I don't actually carpool to work. I work in south Salt Lake and commute from Davis county every weekday. I actually enjoy the commute, it has improved greatly since you had to do it for school Dad.

So everyday same time... I have started to realize I drive to work with the same crowd every morning. Some are easier to spot than others. Like the green Camry who's entire antennae is covered in smilie face antennae toppers, or the white Corolla that's license says "ICBONES," or the white Jaguar driven by a little old lady that says "UNDERCOVER." I wonder what she is doing under cover?

Some are more subtle like the guy in the silver Civic that is always on his phone, the super dirty white VW with Ute plates, and some times the black VW who's plate says "gravy." Do you think any of my carpool friends are familiar with the green Corolla with a big pink Phillies decal, that is driven by the girl who is always intently singing to the radio, (it's always Keith Urban) while wearing her super sexy J-Lo's?

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  1. Annie you have the best sense of humor!!. I read your posts often and mostly I walk away thinking, man she is funny!!