You have seen this picture before right?
It always makes me laugh because it is sooo true. 
I like to think I am a fairly attractive person. 
And I love to give someone that look across the room.  
Then I see a photo of myself and realize,
I am might be more in the "Bean" category. 
I decided to make one of my own
after seeing the pictures uploaded of me
from a party this weekend. 
(A different party from "the incident" 
that was previously blogged about.) 
Ha I just noticed that Kyle and I dressed to match. 
How precious. 

I know this picture was posted because 
the other two people that I cropped out looked fantastic. 
But seriously. At least I wasn't tagged in it.

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  1. ANNIE! I cannot even begin to express how much I love this post! I've thought the very same thing! (Except for the part where I think I'm sending a smoldering, hot, sexy look--I know I can't pull it off, what with my broken flirt and all.)

    The whole uploading pictures of self and others is a love/hate thing for me. People are MUCH less careful about the pictures they upload of their friends...and I look sick in so many of them! SO GRATEFUL for the un-tag option on Facebook! Now if I could just get them to get rid of those yucky pictures in the first place...