The One Where Kyle is Older

I had a temple shift on Kyle's birthday, (new Kyle for those who know both), then left the first thing the next morning for home. I almost forgot his birthday post.

My favorite Kyle quotes:

"I can't tell what that is. Must be a turkey or a deer or something."

"Of course I'm a good shot, do you know how many Louis L'Amour books I've read?"

"Your house isn't messy, you just have a LOT of shoes."

"Did you bring your adventure pants? All MY pants are adventure pants!"

P.S. I think he liked it when I told him how sexy he is in front of his parents. I couldn't help it, the man read Louis L'Amour to us by the campfire while camping in the Uintas, and sang "Tougher Than the Rest" while playing guitar. He is single and I think someone should fall in love with him.  He also has a VERY sexy voice, and is handy with a saw.

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