Sometimes I struggle with perspective.

I think things in my life are bad or stressful and every single time the Lord reminds me how good I have it. So many of the people I love are going through MUCH harder things and really my life is great. Last night I was helping to set up a stage and I broke my nail. It shouldn't be a big deal but it ripped half way down and half way across and it hurt.
Jake and Joey were the only ones I could get any sympathy from until girls started to show up. While I was sitting there showing my "very serious wound" to a friend of mine she showed me the arm that her son, the orthopedic surgeon, was working on. Um... YIKES! It was hanging on by a little bit of skin and maybe a little tendon. I am going to be sick just thinking about it. I thought well I have my arm... both of them actually, and I just sat there and kind of stroked my own arm for a minute so grateful that it was there and intact.

How crazy is it that there are people out there who can put an arm back together that is only held on by a little bit of skin. Guys this arm was torn up and nasty and She said that the guy actually had feeling in his hand yesterday. Modern medicine is a miracle.

Oh and of course we know everything was better after Kyle sang to us some Johnny Cash.

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  1. I will send you my sympathies Annie. Even though your friends arm is a bigger appendage, I have to say that the nerves exposed through your mishap are excruciatingly sesitve to air I am so sorry. :( Glad you were able to find a possitive though...you da bomb!